Redcliffe Chess Club Calendar 2022
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2022 – Club reopens 19th January, Wednesday 2022 at 7.00pm – Games start 7.35pm

Wed. 19th Jan. R1 Summer Swiss 7:35pm start ACF and QJ rated
Wed. 26th Jan. R2 Summer Swiss

Wed. 02nd Feb. R3 Summer Swiss
Wed. 09th Feb. R4 Summer Swiss
Wed. 16th Feb. R5 Summer Swiss
Wed. 23rd Feb. R6 Summer Swiss

Wed. 02nd Mar. R1 Tal Memorial 7:35 start ACF and QJ rated
Wed. 09th Mar. R2 Tal Memorial
Wed. 16th Mar. R3 Tal Memorial
Wed. 23rd Mar. R4 Tal Memorial
Wed. 30th Mar R5 Tal Memorial

Wed. 06th Apr. R6 Tal Memorial

Thurs. April 7 Special Event: On-line
Fixed Roster LiChess Match v Gold Coast Chess Club
– 7pm start.

Each Redcliffe Chess Club player plays two games, one with White and one with Black, against the same Gold Coast Chess Club opponent, with both games played with 15 minutes each plus 10 seconds a move.
$100 – Best Game $100 Best Sacrifice –

To be judged online by your peers. You have to submit your game for inclusion.
Get yourself a LiChess account now – free! Learn how to seek opponents. Learn how to download your games.

Wed. 13th Apr. R1 Viv Greenelsh Memorial 7:35 start ACF and QJ rated
Wed. 20th Apr. R2 Viv Greenelsh Memorial
Wed. 27th Apr. R3 Viv Greenelsh Memorial

Wed. 04th May R4 Viv Greenelsh Memorial
Wed. 11th May R5 Viv Greenelsh Memorial
Wed. 18th May R6 Viv Greenelsh Memorial


Club Fees:
$20 per tournament for Seniors – $20 per year CAQ Inc. membership fee.
$06 per tournament for Juniors – $20 per year CAQ Inc. membership fee.
How to pay fees:
Direct Deposit Redcliffe Chess Club Westpac Account
BSB: 734208
Account: 070051 – Use your name as reference
CAQ Inc. Calendar 2022

Feb. 26,27 Qld Reserves/Tin Cup – Gold Coast

Mar. 12,13 QWCL March Open – Rothwell

April 14 – 18 Doeberl Cup – Canberra
April 29 – May 2 FIDE Gold Cup – Gold Cup

May 14,15 Mackay Open
May 21,22 Toowoomba Open
May 28,29 Redcliffe CC Peninsula Open, Rothwell

June 23 – June 27 Gold Coast Open
June 28 – July 1 Qld Junior Championships

July 15 – 17 Arianne Caoili Weekender, Gold Coast
July 30,31 Wendy Terry Memorial Rothwell

Aug. 13.14 Qld Open, Cairns

Sept. 17,18 Nell Van De Graaff Classic – Gold Coast
Sept. 24,25 Leo Wilkinson Memorial – Rothwell
Sept. 29 – Oct 3 Qld Championships and Qld U/1600 Championships

Oct. 7 Qld Girls Schools Finals
Oct. 8,9 Qld School Teams Championships Finals
Oct. 15,16 Qld Women’s and Girls Championships – Coorparoo
Oct. 22,23 Qld Seniors Championships – St Joseph’s Bracken Ridge
Oct. 29 FIDE Rapid One Day event – Gold Coast

Nov. 13 – 19 Oceania Seniors – Noosa
Nov. 26 CAQ Teams of 6 Chess Day

Dec. 3,4 Australian Schools Teams Finals
Dec. 11 CAQ Blitz Chess Championship + CAQ AGM