Chess Association of Queensland Minutes of Council Meeting
Held at Queensland Contract Bridge Club on August 14th 2008 at 6.00pm

6 Ratification of Email Decisions
6.1 That the CAQ rating fees for normal/classical tournaments be changed to $1 per player per game, with the maximum being $5 per player per tournament.
This motion is to apply from June 1st 2008.
6.2 That it be CAQ policy that all affiliated clubs should be encouraged to become incorporated for the protection of their members.
6.3 That Patrick Byrom be appointed as Secretary.
Moved Patrick Byrom, seconded Gail Young:
That the email decisions be ratified.
Passed 4-0.

Check out (no pun intended) the ramifications of being a member of an unincorporated body/club.
It can be life changing. (Kerry Corker)