SACA Committee 2024

Imagine if Soccer or AFL had no Junior Development Officer!

All the money comes in from the Juniors and is promptly given to the oldies in the form of rating prizes.

You would think they could at least put someone down for Junior Development.

SACA Committee 2024

The committee below was elected at the SACA AGM 4/2/24

Patron: Avairs Lidums
President: Alan Goldsmith
Deputy President: Scott Colliver
Vice Presidents: Jocelyn Ho, Aaron Perkins
Secretary: VACANT
Treasurer: Zina Koodrin
Assistant Treasurer: Manny Schiavone
Tournament Secretary: Aaron Perkins
Assistant Tournament Secretary: Simon Hope
Grade Match Secretary: Scott Colliver
Assistant Grade Match Secretary: Michael Lazarou
Chess Centre Manager: Zina Koodrin
ACF Delegate: Misheck Muza
Ratings Officer: Aaron Perkins
Assistant Ratings Officer: David Sambell
Social Media Officer: Simon Hope and Joshua Houston
Webmaster: David Sambell
Assistant Webmaster: Aaron Perkins

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