OZJunFide file Dec. update finished – 3 Queenslanders named in our non-existent Australian Junior Team.

Let’s face it –

Australian Juniors are never going to have a Junior Team a la Young Socceroos or Young Matildas.

Much, much easier to churn out rating prizes in monster swisses to the oldies, than worry about promoting our rising stars.

Next best thing is to follow the OZJunFIDE file each month.

Someone might like to create a FANTASY Australian Junior Teams Competition.

Remember, the FANTASY Gridiron League in USA is bigger than the actual physical sport!

Fantasy Leagues are BIG BIG business overseas.


Congratulations on their new FIDE Classical World Ratings to:

Jae Hoo Chan 1333

Aidan Batyrbekov 1188

Jaden Chi 1068

2005 players have been deleted from Junior list.

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