CAQ Inc. Office Bearers for 2024

CAQ Inc. Office Bearers

Council Members 2024

This is a group of people from all over south-east-qld. No one can argue that it is Brisbane-centric.

Hopefully they will get on with the job of creating 2 Grand Slam tournaments in Qld. alongside a healthy Club Teams Competition.

The Junior demographic is the financial powerhouse of Qld. Chess paying ALL the bills of all the Chess Businesses.

When you exclude Juniors from any adult event in Qld., you are left with about 30-40 old guys chasing rating prizes (check out any standings file for proof of this).

Every state is the same. Same old names every time.

This is in a state of about 3.5 million people.

The monster swiss works for 30-40 people in Qld., but the rest of us are crying out for a change.

Let’s start paying appearance fees to people who have actually spent the time studying the game.

We had an International Grand Master Tournament in Brisbane in 1979 with GMs from all over the world.

Now all we do is hand out cash to people who manage to stay on 1599 or 1399 or 999. Well done!

I think I would rather see the money spent on our local talent up against the world’s best.

Let’s join the other professional sports and stop giving all  our money away.

Merry Xmas from The Grinch.

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