Suncoast Chess Club – How about forming a Team Suncoast? – better call Mark!

We are trying to get Teams Chess working in Qld again.
Nothing like playing for a team and scoring the winning point –
or missing the mate in one that would have sealed the victory!
We already have:
Team Bullwinkle – Captain Jacob Edwards
RCC President’s 11 – Captain Mark C Stokes
RCC  Young Guns – Captain Jai Turner
UQCC – is a possibility
Come on Team Suncoast – let’s go!
Could you let all your Suncoast Club players know they are invited to come to Redcliffe Chess Club’s Fun, Free Teams Chess night on Wednesday night November 1 from 7:30pm, in the F Block of Grace Lutheran College, Buchanan Street, Rothwell.
We will invite other Clubs like Bullwinkle and UQCC along also – the more the merrier!
Free tea, coffee and biscuits too!
We will play one big 3 round Swiss on the night, with Team Members not paired against other Team Members. We will play 3 games of 15 minutes each plus 3 seconds a move, and work out the winning team based on the best 6 scores or best 8 scores of each Team depending on the actual numbers that play in each team on the night.
If you do not have a full team of 6 or 8, that’s fine – we can add spare Redcliffe players to your team on the night.
If you can let me know the names of any players coming to Redcliffe on Wednesday night Nov 1 by the night before, Tuesday October 31, that would be great.
Cheers  Mark C Stokes    0431 419 136

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