Final scores for Mike Dyer Memorial 2023

Congratulations to both David Beaumont and Allan Fossey for sharing 1st place in the 2023 Mike Dyer Memorial that concluded on Wednesday night October 25. Both David and Allan scored 5/6.
In equal 3rd place on 4/6 were Max Phillips, Rex Scarf and Jai Turner and in equal 6th place were Nikola Maljkovic, who held David to a draw in R6 on the top board and the ever improving Sophia Xu – Nikola and Sophia both scored 3.5/6.
Next Wednesday night November 1 is our fun, free Teams Chess Night and every Redcliffe Club player who comes along by 7:30pm next Wednesday night will be placed into a team by Kerry Corker – no player will miss out. You will get 3 games with 15 minutes each plus 3 seconds a move on the clock and the winning team will be calculated after the 3 rounds are played.
Bullwinkle Chess Club is also bring along a team and Logan Chess Club is also bringing along some players too.
Remember to check our Redcliffe Chess Club Website for current news including James ChengYi Xia score in the World U8 Chess Championship in Egypt and Tony Weller’s performance in FIDE Asian Seniors 65 years plus in the Philippines! Our Redcliffe Chess Club Website is:
See you on Wednesday night November 1 before 7:30pm for our free, fun Teams Chess Night!

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