Having to fund raise to send our Juniors overseas and still able to burn rating prizes?!

World Juniors U20 Championship Fundraiser – Transfer/Bughouse Tournament

From September 20, until October 2, IM Cameron McGowan and WCM Jody Middleton, will be representing Australia at the World Juniors U20 Championships in Mexico City, Mexico.

Currently they have had to pay for their own flights, uniforms, and coaching expenses which comes at great cost. IM McGowan and WCM Middleton have set up a gofundme page to ask for assistance from the chess community in covering some of these costs, however there’s still a long way to go.

Melbourne Chess Club has kindly provided us with the use of their club to run a fundraiser tournament on Saturday, September 16 at 7:00pm to help ease the financial pressure on IM McGowan and WCM Middleton. This fundraiser will be in the form of a Transfer (Bughouse) Tournament and 100% of the entry fees will be donated to IM McGowan and WCM Middleton.

For more information about IM McGowan and WCM Middleton’s upcoming trip, and to make a voluntary donation, their gofundme page can be found here.

We will also be accepting cash donations on the day of the event.

Register for the tournament here.

Tournament Information

Type: Transfer (Bughouse) Chess
Time Control: 5 minutes per player for the whole game
Venue: Melbourne Chess Club
66 Leicester Street Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Date: Saturday, September 16
Sign In: 6:30pm
Tournament: 7:00pm – 10:00pm (approx.)
Organisers: NA Walter Wolffs
WCM Jody Middleton
Chief Arbiter: NA Walter Wolffs

This event is unrated however ACF Quick Ratings will be used for pairings.

Teams: Teams made up of 2 players
Highest rated player first
Team rating will be the combined ACF Quick rating of the players
Format: Rounds TBC*
15 Teams or less Single/Double Round Robin
16 Teams or more Swiss

*Dependant on number of teams entered

Entry Fees*: $15 – Individual (Allocated a team on the day)
$20 – Team of 2 ($10 each)

*Cash or bank transfer
**100% of the entry fees will be given to IM Cameron McGowan and WCM Jody Middleton

Prizes: TBC – Potential prize categories* include:
First Place
First Women’s team
First Parent/Child Team
First Sibling Team
First Junior Team (both members must be U18)
Biggest Upset (based on combined team rating)
Best Team Name

*Prize categories may vary based on number of teams and demographic

Tournament Rules:

  1. One player on each team will play as white, and the other as black.
  2. The normal FIDE Laws of Chess apply including touch move and touch take.
  3. Captured pieces are passed to your teammate which can then be placed on the board – this will be referred to as ‘dropped’.
  4. Pieces can NOT be ‘dropped’ on a square already occupied by a piece.
  5. ‘Dropped’ pieces count as the players turn.
  6. A player holding a piece that has not been ‘dropped’, is not obligated to drop the piece. However, if the piece the player is holding touches a square on the board during their move, it must then be ‘dropped’ on the board that turn.
  7. Pawns can NOT be ‘dropped’ on the first or eighth ranks.
  8. Pawns can NOT be promoted, instead a pawn that reaches the eighth rank will remain there until it is captured.
  9. Pieces may be ‘dropped’ to deliver check or checkmate.
  10. Checkmate is on the board when the king is in check, it has no squares available to move to, and if the piece delivering checkmate can not be taken or blocked. If the checkmate can be blocked by the ‘dropping’ of a piece, then it is not a checkmate. If the player does not have a piece available to ‘drop’, then the player must wait for their partner to provide them with one.
  11. Communication between teammates is allowed. This includes advice and piece requests.
  12. Draws are not allowed.
  13. If a player on one board wins their game, that player’s team is awarded the victory for that round.

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