Australia v England Juniors, September 2023 – Queenslanders 5/12 – Yihaaa!

With 3 out of the Top 10 Australian Juniors being Queenslanders, we cannot complain about the selection process for this paradigm changing event. (see OZJunFIDE on front page)

This match, and the others to follow will be remembered for a very long time.

Queensland’s own, IM Guy West played a young Garry Kasparov in the 1980s.

Something to tell the grandkids about!


Phase One complete – contact with the outside world.

We have emerged from the silo and are ready to take on the World.

Phase Two –

5 Grand Slam events throughout the year with an overseas match included. Clubs support their Champions financially to get to the Grand Slams and play in both the tournament and the overseas match held at the same time and venue. During a break of course!

1.Australian Championships

2.Toowoomba/GC Open



5.And one more…


Grand Slam events 3 or more sections at least.

$5,000 1st prize in the top section minimum. This is easily attainable by giving as prizes, free entry to the next level at the next Grand Slam.

Stop flushing money down the drain with rating prizes and start supporting our top players.


Still nothing on chesscat re this hugely important match.

Heaps about “the voice” from nowhere though.

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