Top Secret – Australia v England Junior Online Match – Top Secret

Nobody is supposed to know about this but it somehow slipped through the fence.

17th September at 8pm AEST for Australia’s top Juniors to battle it out against England’s top Juniors.

The best candidate from U/8 Open to U/18 Open and U/8 Girls to U/18 Girls will be selected based on an average of ACF (more accurate to use your star sign) and FIDE ratings.

We really have to get out of the silo and embrace the World’s rating system. – FIDE –

There will be two games of 15 + 10

The application deadline is 12am 29th August 2023.

Direct any questions or queries to – and or

Is this progress?

You betcha!

Slowly but surely we are emerging from the endless night of weekenders and looking over the horizon.

There is a whole world waiting to play our Juniors – and we are up to it.

Next step!

Establish 5 Grand Slam events in Australia and have one of these matches in the middle of each one.

You have an onsite audience – good venue – and the world is watching!

1.Australian Championships



4.GC Open (they will have to find a better venue)


This way our ever changing Top Junior Team will play 5 International representative games per year.

Of course simply use top FIDE rating in each age group. None of the other silly rating system.

This one event is the biggest step forward Australian Chess has made since we started using chess clocks.

It really is that big a game-changer.

Now kids have the chance to rep. Australia on a regular basis.

Kudos to the genius who came up with the idea of Aussie Juniors taking on the WORLD!! in online matches played at already established venues. Now we’re surfing!

For Australia’s top Juniors in Age divisions, see OzJunFIDE on the front page. Updated every month.

Go to the far right of the excel page and find 2004 etc.


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