Southern and Western Aussie Juniors taking on the Youth World – Eindhoven 2023


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While Queensland parents have their Juniors hacking their way through endless weekenders, southern, and western Juniors are taking on the World in Real Chess Tournaments.

Are southern Juniors better than Qld. Juniors? No.

Do they play in more club based, week-night games? Definitely!

If Qld. wants to catch up we have to –

  • Play more club based, graded chess.
  • Play more Teams based chess.
  • Start investing entry fees in our Youth and stop paying out rating prizes to old timey amateurs.
  • Admit that we are on the wrong track (ain’t gonna happen dude!)

Or we can put on even more weekenders. That’ll show those southerners!

Who wants to rep. for Australia anyway?!


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