Does Bridge have Teams?

Bridge is a very successful International game that thrives on the teams format.

  • Very financially secure – no begging for handouts from the government.
  • Owning heaps of real estate all around the world
  • Attracting people who are willing to pay for organized Team events
  • No rating prizes – of course – duh!
  • Run like a business – not like a bunch of sailors on shore leave.
  • Massive Bridge/Tourism industry as a stand alone sector.
  • Professional venues – no school rooms for this lot!
46th World Bridge Teams Championships
13th World Transnational Open Teams
Marrakech Grand Prix Open BAM Teams

46th World Bridge Teams Championships (WTC)
Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, d’Orsi Senior Trophy, Wuhan Cup

13th World Transnational Open Teams Championship (WTOT)

Marrakech Grand Prix Open BAM Teams (MGPOT)

Organised by the World Bridge Federation
in cooperation with the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Bridge

to be held at the:

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Palais des Congrès Marrakech, Morocco
 20th August – 2nd September 2023
(Registration & Opening Ceremony on 19th August)

Latest News – 1 August

The draws for all series are published:

All series play a complete Round Robin of 16 board matches, 3 matches per day except on the last day of the Round Robin which will be two matches

Times of play will be:

  • 10.00-12.15
  • 13.15-15.30
  • 15.50-18.05

17 July

SCoC (Sect 5.2.2) and GCoC (sect. 36) both updated

Reminder that the deadline for any changes to system cards is 20th July. After that any changes must be approved on site.

1 July 2023

Supplemental Conditions of Contest posted – latest version posted at 18.04 BST. In case of updates to any of the conditions of contest, the date of update will be indicated on this page.

28 June 2023

General Conditions of Contest (GCoC) posted, together with the Ancillary Documents

Document for the Use of Tablets (in the KO stages).

Deadlines for Registration, Names of Players and Systems:

  • WTC Withdrawal by otherwise qualified teams:  31st May
  • WTC Participation:  15th June
  • WTC Rosters and Systems:   30th June
  • WTOT for new teams:  31st July – later entries will be accepted provided there is sufficient room at the venue
  • MGPOT for new teams:  15th August – later entries will be accepted provided there is sufficient room at the venue

Use of Tablets for bidding

It is planned to use tablets for bidding only during the KO stages of the WTC (for the BB/VC/DOT/WC). The Round Robins and the Transnationals will only have bidding boxes. Click here to download a document describing their use; and click here for the regulations for their use.

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