Club attendance stats. for 2023 – Top players still “Peeling off”.

Scroll down to the left to see July/Aug 22 compared to July/Aug 23

Scroll across for monthly averages and year to date stats. We are up heaps on last year.

Light green is Adults – dark green is Juniors.

Looks like we have hit a happy medium with Fast and Slow chess.

99.9% of the World’s organized chess is now 5 minutes or less.

And that is where all the money is of course. Just ask Hikaru!

However we do still need Slow chess so that the 2700+ players can continue to paint their masterpieces.

Look at the games from Tata Steel and Norway this year in NEW IN CHESS magazine.

A lot of them annotated by Anish Giri – as good a chess writer as Botvinnik and Keres.

Beautiful chess created by the best players in history. Good stuff!

One consistent problem we have at the club is that of our top players “peeling off”.

Once players get to the top of our club – they simply don’t come back.

I suggested that to keep the interest of our client base (mainly Brisbane), we pay top players to attend.

This was designed to give our emerging talents challenges to overcome.

This was howled down by our committee as being too expensive.

We have now worked out that it is cheaper to have the top players “peel off” and not come back.

That way we keep the money in the bank earning .01% per annum. Ah, the miracle of compound interest!

Clue: Inflation is now at 6%.

To date, no one has come up with an alternate solution to the problem.

It is just easier to say no to mine.

Put simply, the state’s best players need a very good reason to travel all the way to Redcliffe on a wednesday night.

Any other suggestions from players, parents or interested parties?

Maybe it is easiest to simply develop our Juniors to a certain level – and then say good-bye.

Maybe this is what they do in Soccer, Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL etc. Seems the simplest way out.

Maybe the problem will just go away. Or maybe I will stop whinging about it!

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