RCC’s distant members Kaisar and Aidan are at the starting gate! Allegro first.

Sharing a few more pics of today’s trip over to Tashkent which welcomed us with a balmy 43C!

The boys are feeling good and itching to go – with Aidan in particular getting quite deep into blindfold chess and picking out some good moves!

I’ve also attended the Technical Meeting for Heads of Delegations today and the news is somewhat mixed – they have to break up the allegro for 2 hours tomorrow for a lunch break (with lunches taking place at 2 different hotels that are away from the playing venue (incidentally a 3rd hotel!) this means 4 rounds 10.30am-1pm and 3 more rounds 3-5pm, which I’m really hoping won’t exhaust the kids too much (and we definitely don’t plan on travelling back and forth in this heat – will just try to beat the crowds and eat at the playing venue).
On the bright side, HoDs will be allowed in the playing hall (but no other parents / spectators) and they plan to livestream every single U7 & U9 game via the major tournament sponsor idChess (you can see some of their tripods in the playing hall picture). This includes Rapid tomorrow and I’m quite curious to see how this works in practice (given they’ve been having intermittent power outages & Internet issues at the venue when we got a walkthrough).
Report by Kuanysh Batyrbekov from downtown Tashkent

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