RCC Inc. Calendar 2024

We currently run 2 weekend events per year.

Suggestions for 2024:

59th Peninsula Open –

Run along the lines of the recent successful St Lucia FIDE event.

Top Section –

3-4 IMs paid to play with the rest of the field filled with aspiring players wishing to improve their chess and FIDE rating. Field of about 12 – 16.

Second Section –

Top 2 place getters in this section play for free in the next St Lucia type event.

Modest cash prizes. The second section provides the profit which can be ploughed back into the club.

RCC Inc. could put in a bid for the 2024 Qld. Club Teams Championship.

A one day event played at Dolphins Leagues Club. Air-con. Fantastic food. Carpeted. Spectator friendly.

Easier access for the Northern Qld. Clubs. Two hours from Toowoomba via Gateway. 70 minutes from GC.

If you like these ideas please tell us at the club on Wednesday night.

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