Biggest Chess Tournament in Australia?

Primary Teams/High School Teams/GPS?

Just got back from Nudgee College (home) v Ipswich match.

About 5 matches played this Friday afternoon around Brisbane and Toowoomba. 110 players at Nudgee. So, I am guessing about 500 students playing tonight.

I always have to have a really good belly laugh when people tell me that Doeberl Cup is Australia’s biggest chess tournament.

Brisbane High School Teams last term alone had over 400 players. Morris Hall at ACGS was full.

Then you add powerhouse area Gold Coast and then you add Toowoomba then you add the rest of Qld.

And yet I still have silly people telling me that because Doeberl gets a little over 400 players, they are the biggest in the country.

Go back to school and do your ciphering again Jethro.

And take your shoes off if it helps.

Gold Coast Primary alone would be easily 1000 per term.

If it is not teams’ chess – forget about it – chump change.

Let’s drop the Monster Swiss and start playing teams.

Soccer, AFL, NRL et al seem to thrive.

Who is in the Queensland Chess Team?

Sadly, it is a trick question.


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