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    Australian Chess Federation

    No. 619 – 8 July 2023

    Editors: Keong Ang & Miles Patterson
    Usually Published in the Second Week of Each Month
    Content Contributions are Most Welcome


    by Miles Patterson

    Welcome to the July 2023 ACF Newsletter. Thank you to the contributors for this issue. Thanks also to those from South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, who kindly responded to our request for news from the states.

    ACF Notices

    2023 Australian Representative International Junior Chess Tournaments

    The ACF Official 2023 Australian Representative International Junior Chess Tournaments Register is available at:
    Any inquiries can be sent to either Australian Junior Chess Coordinator, Hughston Parle, at OR to Assistant Australian Junior Chess Coordinator, Henry Slater-Jones, at

    World Youth Olympiad 2023, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 12-19 August

    The Australian representatives are:
    Captain: Zong-Yuan Zhao
    Team 1:
    1. Mr Yihe (Rebo), Fu
    2. Mr Rui Gen, Teh
    3. Mr Yifei, Hu
    4. Ms Chao Xin, Cheng
    Team 2:
    1. Mr Iker, Hernandez Mendez
    2. Mr Randheer, Thogata
    3. Ms Chloe, Fan
    4. Ms Om, O’Carroll

    World Cadet U8, U10, U12 Championships 2023, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, 14-27 October

    Regulations and closing date TBA

    World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships 2023 Montesilvano, Italy 12-25 November
    Applications for Australians to participate in the World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships 2023 have just opened and close on August 16.
    Australians can register at:

    Asian Youth Chess Championships 2023, TBA, China, 13-23 December

    Regulations and closing date TBA


    To be held at Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, SA, on the first weekend of December – 2nd and 3rd December 2023.


    To be held at Glenelg, SA, on Boxing Day – 26th December 2023


    Tuesday 2nd January – Thursday 11th January 2024
    An 11-round event – 2 double-round days – Wednesday 3rd and Friday 5th January 2024 with the National Conference on Saturday 6th January 2024.
    To be played at Glenunga International High School, 99 L’Estrange St, Glenunga SA 5064.


    To be held at Glenunga International High School, 99 L’Estrange St, Glenunga SA 5064from Saturday 13th through to Sunday 21st January 2024.


    At the ACF Council’s next meeting, currently scheduled for 23 July, all Council-appointed positions will be vacated and filled after consideration of written expressions of interest which should be sent to before July 20.
    The positions listed include several that have not been filled in recent years. Incumbents are eligible for reappointment.
    Advertising Manager
    Archives Director
    Assistant Juniors Coordinator
    Assistant Secretary
    Assistant Treasurer
    Assistant Webmaster
    Equipment Coordinator
    FIDE Delegate & Administrative Officer
    FIDE Ratings Officer
    Government Relations Director
    Grand Prix Director
    Juniors Coordinator
    Medals & Awards Convenor
    National Ratings Officer
    Newsletter Editor
    Public Officer (incorporation)
    Publicity Director
    Selections Director
    Trophies Officer


    The application deadline for activities commencing between 1 March 2024 and 31 August 2024 is 31 December 2023. Application forms and related information are available on request to

    News from the States / Territories

    Australian Capital Territory

    Australian Capital Territory Chess Association Inc (ACTCA)

    Upcoming Events

    ANU/Winter Open/Minor (28-30 July)

    New South Wales

    New South Wales Chess Association Inc (NSWCA)

    Recent Events

    NSW Open 10-12 June
    By Shaun Press

    Day One
    The 2023 NSW Open started with 75 players in both sections (Major and Minor), although a couple of last-minute withdrawals (illness etc) made each field a little smaller. The Major had 14 players rated above 200, with the top 8 players rated above 2200. New arrival IM Mihajlo Radovanovic is the top seed, with IM Gary Lane seeded second. Both players started the tournament with 2 wins, as did 10 other players. Despite the rating gap in the early rounds there were still a number of interesting games. Bevan Clouston looked to have a crushing attack against CM Hui Li, but Li survived and by the end had enough technique to mate Clouston with KBN v K. Jack Rodgers was held to a first-round draw by Kye Walls, while FM Cameron McGowan was beaten by Micah Young in round 2.
    The Minor event saw more upsets in the early round than the Major, with only 5 of the top 10 seeds scoring a win in the 1st round. The 2nd round saw more upsets so that only 2 players from the top 10 starting Day 2 on 2 points.

    Day Two
    IM Gary Lane led the 2023 NSW Open on 5/5 at the end of the 2nd day of play. He started off with a win over Willis Lo in round 3, before beating Harry Press in round 4, and Samuel Asaka in the final round. He led Sterling Bayaca by half a point, and the 2 players will face each other in round 6. A group of 6 players trailed Lane by a full point, including top seed IM Mihajlo Radovanovic. Radovanovic missed 2 rounds due to work commitments, but returned to beat FM Jack Rodgers in the 5th round.
    Trent Parker led the Minor on 5/5, a half point ahead of Terry Gao and Jonluke Corona. Gao and Parker will play in round 6, while Corona will be up against Roland Brockman.

    Day Three
    The 2023 NSW Open ended in a 3-way tie for first, after some dramatic last round action. IM Mihajlo Radovanovic started the final round a point behind IM Gary Lane, but a win for Radovanovic over Lane left them both on 6/7. In the all-ACT clash FM Michael Kethro beat Harry Press to join the front runners, and relegate Press from the prize list. Ahn Quan Nguyen quickly cleaned up Jeremy Plunkett on Board 4 to finish in outright 4th place, with FM Sterling Bayaca, FM Jack Rodgers, Geoff barker, Zachary Yu, and CM Hui Li finishing in a tie for 5th on 5 points.
    In the Minor event (Under 1600), Trent Parker held on for a draw against CJ de Mooi to reach 6 points, along with promising junior Alex Thuaux. Parker had beaten Thuaux earlier in the event, but had drawn his last 2 rounds, allowing Thuaux to catch up with a final round win.

    The 150-player event ran quite smoothly this year. The event capacity was reached about a week before the event, prompting calls for a larger venue to found next year. The policy of not allowing spectators in for the first 2 hours seemed to be a good compromise, meaning each round could start without the room being over crowded but people could watch when the action heated up. Even the parents were well behaved this year (!), apart from one unfortunate incident involving a (non-playing) parent and a junior player. The NSWCA investment in new DGT boards was also welcome, with 8 games from each round being broadcast without any issues.

    Full results can be found at the tournament website:

    Upcoming Events

    2023 NSW Rapid – 9 July
    Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, 117 Ryedale Road, West Ryde NSW
    2023 NSW Rapid.doc (

    2023 NSWCA August Weekender – 5-6 August
    Norths, 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray, NSW 2062

    Northern Territory

    Northern Territory Chess Association


    Chess Association of Queensland Inc (CAQ)

    Recent Events

    Wendy Terry Memorial – June 24-25 2023, Grace Lutheran College Buchanan St Rothwell.
    FM Yi Liu, GM David Smerdon and IM Brodie McClymont tied for 1st on 5.5/6 – Yi Liu wins the title on tie-break.

    Upcoming Events

    Queensland Open – July 15-16 2023, St Luke’s Anglican School, 4 Mezger St, Kalkie, Bundaberg QLD. boqo23-flyer.pdf (

    South Australia

    South Australian Chess Association Inc (SACA)

    Recent Events

    King’s Birthday Weekender 2023
    1st Max Pritchard 5.5/6;  =2nd Kyle Leaver, Tarush Jindal, Edgar Mdinaradze & Max Marriott 4.5. 43 Entries
    Best U1500: Michael Lazarou
    =Best U900: Gabriel Lavrentiadis & Kavish Nagpal
    Best Unrated: Ahmad Rasool
    =Best U18: Ethan Retnaraja, Alistair Maria & Jamie Charters
    =Best U13: Cindy Chen & Oliver Cirami

    June Blitz
    1st Kyle Leaver 11/12; 2nd Bernard Rigo 10; 3rd Einar Oskarsson 8. 16 Entries

    West Torrens Blitz Classic Open 2023
    1st Kyle Leaver 12/13;  2nd Goran Srdic 10; 3rd Ethan Retnaraja 10; 4th Kevin Sheldrick 9.5. 48 Entries

    West Torrens Blitz Classic Junior 2023
    1st Oxford Katakasi 11/13;  2nd Manav Karthikeyan 10; 3rd Tomohiro Ishino 10; 4th Quan Tran 9. 52 Entries

    Upcoming Events

    Checkmate FIDE Open, 14-16 July and Checkmate FIDE Challengers, 15-16 July, Adelaide, SA
    The Checkmate FIDE Open 2023 | South Australian Chess Association (
    The Checkmate FIDE Challengers 2023 | South Australian Chess Association (

    City of Adelaide 2023
    The Chess Centre of South Australia, 10 Ranelagh Street, Adelaide.
    7:00 p.m start on consecutive Tuesdays, from 18th of July until the 12th of September

    July Blitz
    Thursday 20th of July, 7pm at Chess Centre, Adelaide

    July Allegro #2
    Thursday 27th of July, 7pm at Chess Centre, Adelaide

    August Rapid
    Thursday 3rd of August, 7pm at Chess Centre, Adelaide


    Tasmanian Chess Association Inc (TCA)

    Recent Events

    One for the Ages – 2023 Tasmanian Open, 10th-12th June.
    By Chris Shepherd

    Thirty-three competitors found their way to Hobart Chess Club’s temporary home – a pair of maths classrooms at Guildford Young College in West Hobart.

    Tasmanian Open competitors captured before the start of round three Sunday morning 11th June 2023

    Travis Liddell of Launceston Chess Club (LCC) was the field’s youngest player at 10 years old.  While David Ratkowsky, 88, of Hobart Chess Club (HCC) was the oldest. Travis’s family, having recently moved to Tasmania from South Africa, promptly enrolled him in his local chess club.  Travis’s mum, Lauren, was quoted by The Mercury saying, ‘he has found his people [at LCC]’.  I was told that while joining the chess club has solved one issue, the search for a suitable rugby club in the area is ongoing.

    David, like Travis, is new to competitive over-the-board chess, having joined HCC this year.  David’s background is in academia as a Microbiologist; among many scientific papers and citations, he also co-authored a popular local book ‘A field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi’ with Genevieve Gates.

    The two newbies to tournament chess, representing different ends of the age spectrum and the State’s traditional geographic north, south rivalry, met in round three with the win going to the older player.

    Another outstanding performance was recorded by a competitor just one year older than Travis. From Melbourne, Ariana Fais, just 11 years of age and playing in her second rated tournament, recorded a score of 3.5 (a tournament performance rating of 1447).  Ariana’s performance was enough to take a well-deserved share of the best junior prize with Esteban Prieto.

    The tension was high going into the last round on Monday morning.  A win on board one would give the victor the outright title.  The (board one) clash between two HCC members, Will Rumley and Zach Lim, ended in a draw after just 19 moves. Possibly because the two players knew each other’s game so well?!  That result left both Will and Zach with a final score of 5/6.

    The draw on the top board meant that Will and Zach would have to further share the title if there was a decisive result on board two between Fabian Ivancic (LCC) and James Briant (HCC).  And with Carl Gorka (LCC), if he could overcome Ian Rout on board three.  Indeed, in the end the title was a four-way tie, after Fabian defeated James in the longest game of the tournament (4 hours and 28 minutes) and Carl defeated Ian in tense game on board three. I understand that none of the four winners have taken out the Tasmanian Open title before.

    The full prize list: –
    1st equal: Will Rumley, Zach Lim, Carl Gorka, Fabian Ivancic
    Top under 1650 rating: Kam Lee
    Top under 1500 rating: Thomas Powell-Davies
    Best Juniors: Esteban Prieto, Ariana Fais

    Tasmanian Open 2023 prize winners: clockwise from back left, Kam Lee, Esteban Prieto, Thomas Powell-Davies, Ariana Fais, Will Rumley, Zach Lim, Fabian Ivancic and Carl Gorka

    Thanks to Kam Lee for the photographs.

    One unfortunate side effect of hosting the tournament in classrooms (a temporary arrangement while the campus library is upgraded) came during Monday morning play when the classroom public address system sprung into life to play several classic songs.  The third (and thankfully last) being Don Maclean’s Vincent, leading to play being temporarily suspended as the tournament was still being decided on the top boards.  As Kevin Bonham wrote on ChessChat – ‘A Mr W. Joel and a Mr B. Springsteen (edit: also Mr D. Maclean) have been noted by the DOP for disrupting the games. It is possible that Mr Joel’s line “Son can you play me a memory? I’m not really sure how it goes” was referencing his trouble remembering opening theory and also seeking outside assistance. It is believed he is a Guioco Piano man.’

    Full results can be found on ChessChat here:

    Upcoming Events

    Tasmanian Rapid and Blitz, August, Burnie. Details TBA


    Chess Victoria Inc (CV)

    Recent Events

    Victorian Junior Chess News
    By IM Leonid Sandler

    The 2023 Victorian Junior Championship saw a record number of 330 players spread around various age groups. More than twenty percent were girls! Quite a few new talents shone for the very first time. I am sure that the next Victorian Juniors Championship will see even more players.

    The Victorian Junior Championships

    The winners were:

    Full results can be seen here.
    Age group winners receive free entry to the next Australian Junior Championship (Adelaide 13-21 January 2024).

    We in Victoria are always boasting about our excellent girls’ participation rates in Open tournaments. In the recent Chess Victoria Zonal tournament for Secondary School students, history has been created. Angela Feng scored 6.5 points from 7 games and came first ahead of 129 other players!
    Full results can be seen here.

    Top boards at the Victoria Secondary School Students Zonal

    Upcoming Events

    2023 Victorian Championship July 15-September 9
    The 2023 Victorian Championship Flyer.pdf (

    Western Australia

    Chess Association of Western Australia Inc (CAWA)

    Recent Events

    SCL South Zonal, 18 June 2023, Corpus Christi College, Bateman

    There was a good turnout of 148 players from 39 schools.
    The Primary School winner was Oberthur Primary School and the individual winner was Angus Chen. Senudi De Vas won the Best Girl title.
    The Secondary School winner was Willetton Senior High School and the individual winner was Harmoniche Deng.

    Upcoming Events

    WA State Junior Championships, 10-14 July 2023, details TBA

    WA Blitz Championship, 16 July 2023, TBA

    2023 South West Open, 29-30 July, Margaret River
    Microsoft Word – 2023-07 South West Open (

    New Zealand
    New Zealand Chess News (

    Recent Events

    1st: Olefsandr Nedyhalov

    1st Open: Briene Membrere
    1st Under 1000: James Moh

    1st Open: FM Ben Hague
    1st Junior: Lucas Qu

    1st equal: Paul Yuan
    1st equal: Olivia Li

    1st equal: Leo Baker
    1st equal: Preeyansh Roul

    Upcoming Events

    International Events

    Blue Chevaliers International Open (at the Novotel Phuket Resort, Thailand) 23-29 July. Flyer:

    Study of the Month

    White to play and win.

    Solution at the end of the newsletter.

    Looking Back

    Chess Magazines and Where They Lead
    By Bob MeadleyOnce a magazine exists, in hardcopy or digital, like the ACF Newsletter, enthusiasts start to support it such as by playing through games or problems but also through editorials on current chess topics and occasionally articles on collecting, or letters to the editor. Some of the historical columns in the excellent English Chess Amateur (1906-1930) were outstanding and encouraged fans to do research and build their own knowledge – a satisfying way of improving one’s love of chess. In Australia the best all-round magazine was the Australasian Chess Review (ACR) and its successor Chess World (CW) which ran from 1929-1968. The editor Cecil Purdy held an Arts degree from Sydney University and he was inexhaustible in the subjects of his interest such as the abolition of stalemate. That one he lost, but the debate raged through the pages of ACR & CW. One of his best stories was “Death and the Walrus Chessmen” in 1948 and it echoed around the chess world along with his own fascination with the Lewis pieces. He went there with wife Anne, met with experts on the find and revelled in the myths. The Outer Hebrides are there for all to visit and even today those pieces should be carbon dated though they are likely 12th century.

    Cecil Purdy’s writing is addictive no matter what chess area you like. He liked them all and he had a skill in sharing them. Even before him was James B. Prowse who tried to make a go of “The Austral” from 1922 to 1929. He lost a lot of money but he convinced Cecil Purdy that a chess magazine could be successful and Cecil’s was. Many of the articles in his magazines were republished by American experts such as the late Ralph Tykodi – a great way to enjoy Cecil’s magazines in a modern form. The old magazines are now very brittle and pages fall out and split apart. Paper then was not so good. Cecil’s successor was Bernie Johnson who edited Chess in Australia from 1966 to 1983 followed by Peter Parr until 1998. After that there was Australian Chess Forum with Shaun Press & Paul Dunn for 5 years and finally Brian Jones to 2014.

    All of the editors welcomed letters and articles from the chess public, especially if about an area not so well known, as long as they were interesting. I was CIA chess problem editor from 1974 and in 1979/80 I received a letter from Bill Brown of Mt. Gravatt Brisbane, who had collected chess sets from years earlier and ended up with 200 of them! He passed away not long after sending the below article. He willed his collection to Gunther Stock, a chess dealer of Brisbane, and Bill is buried in Mt. Gravatt cemetery.

    When I first started to play chess, I bought a chess set: i.e. this Saint George set that was around 1933. I played with this set for about 7 years when war broke out (1939-45). I took my set and joined up. We played with it at the Darwin training camp and on board the Queen Mary going overseas and passing many happy hours. We transhipped at Trincomalee Ceylon (Sri Lanka now) to a Dutch vessel the Indrupoara and made it to Gaza. The rest is a confused issue of travel to the Mersa Brega salt marshes which we made our front line and then the retreat with Rommel on our heels, we stopped south of Derna for breakfast after travelling all night in an army truck-some ride. And we were caught by Rommel’s forces after a brief show of arms. They had armour- we none. Somewhere in all this ungodly travel, thousands of miles up and down the desert, I lost my chess set. I never expected to see it again. I spent 4 years and 3 days as a prisoner of war. We played chess in POW camps in Italy and Germany again St. George sets came into the camps. I was in many camps and various jails. Sometimes on bread and water and sometimes in irons. I learned how to take those handcuffs off. Really, this was only for a week or at least a fortnight. There were also other harrowing experiences which I prefer to forget.
    Back to the Chess – we sailed home on the Rangatiki through the Panama Canal and back to Brisbane. I was most amazed and pleased at being summoned to the Recovery Depot to get back my things and my St. George set after 5 long years. I still have my St. George set that, at present must be nigh 50 years old.
    I have since collected other St. George sets from various 2nd hand shops. One very small St. George was given to me by a friend of mine who would press them on me. I have been collecting chess sets for the last 22 years (ca 1968) or so. I have somewhat over 200 sets now. Some of these are old and bizarre. I have 4 or 5 St. George sets, 2 or 3 old English with round headed Queens, one only Maltese with the Golden Cross Kings in ivory. 4 only French Bijou, plastic and Staunton sets by the dozen from all lands. Sets with faces and figures I abhor. You see I have to be able to play chess with the pieces. Considering the amount of sets accumulated I have very few boards a mere 50 or so. One Staunton set has 9½” Kings and I made a board for it 36” x 34”. This is not a Philippino but definitely Staunton.
    I also own about 500 chess books and a thousand magazines. My first essay into chess books was for games. Then I thought of the way the masters prepared their beginners books so I gathered a lot of them. There are very few good books such as the Mongredien “Chess For Beginners” and Langfields “My Learn to Play Chess”, and “Fischer teaches Chess”. Reinfeld has a good one too. I have always liked his books and have 40 odd by him. Only towards the end they gave his books (some) a different name without altering their content. I have no early literature nor tried to get any but have 30 or so in different languages. My books are mainly contemporary with a large number of openings. I, like you gathered since about 1950. A few have been spoiled by white ants but I still have 500 without them!

    St. George sets originated in France according to Alex Hammond and were quite popular in spite of the general preference for the more practical Staunton sets. They have “rounded head” bishops and queens and the men are turned more than Staunton men. (See the May ACF Newsletter for an illustration of the St George set.) I have a very old but incomplete St. George set that once belonged to Frank Ravenscroft (1880-1968) the problemist. It is grimed with age.

    I have transcribed many of the articles I received and wrote into “A History of Australian Chess” an e-book free to all. (Send me an email to request a copy:


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    The Australian Chess Federation is an incorporated association (number A 01325under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 of the ACT. It is the governing chess organisation in Australia and is affiliated to FIDE (the Fédération Internationale des Échecs).


    State Asssociation Delegates

    NSWCA Delegate: Richard Gastineau-Hills
    CV Delegate: Leonid Sandler
    CAQ Delegate: Doug Williams
    SACA Delegate: Misheck Muza
    TCA Delegate: Tom Saltmarsh
    ACTCA Delegate: Cam Cunningham
    CAWA Delegate: Andrew Hardegen

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    Vice-President: Kevin Bonham
    Vice-President: Hughston Parle
    Secretary: Rob Watson
    Treasurer: Bob Keast


    Assistant Secretary: Vacant
    Assistant Treasurer: Mishek Muza
    Auditor: Ross Hamilton
    Equipment Coordinator: Bob Keast
    FIDE Delegate & Admin Officer: Dr. Kevin Bonham
    FIDE Ratings Officer: Bill Gletsos
    Junior Chess Coordinator: Hughston Parle
    Medals & Awards Convenor: Gary Wastell
    National Ratings Officer: Bill Gletsos
    National Ratings Officer: Graham Saint
    Newsletter Editor: Keong Ang
    Newsletter Editor: Miles Patterson
    Public Officer: Cam Cunningham
    Publicity Director: Paul Power
    Selections Director: Tom Saltmarsh
    Webmaster: David Esmonde

    Solution to Study of the Month

    White to play and win.

    1 Qe5+ Kg8 2 Qd5+ Kh8 3 Qd4+ Kg8 4 Qc4+ Kh8 5 Qc3+ Kg8 6 Qb3+ Kh8 7 Qb2+ Kg8 8 Qa2+ Kh8 9 Qa1+ Kg8 10 Qa8+ wins (D Silverman, 1971)

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