Australian Championships 2023/24 Who can play?

This is not an official post, it is just done by me who is not a holder of any position relating to the tournament. Please double check for errors.

According to the Australian Chess Federation bylaws, By-law No. 1…lian-Major.pdf, the following players are eligible

1. An Australian Citizen or permanent resident
a. with a ACF rating of at least 2150 on the list current at the close of entries. Probably the December 1st ratings.
b. the ACF decides is of 2150 or greater strength

2. Special qualifications – Automatically.
a. Australian Champion – Temur Kuybokarov
b. Australian Junior Champion – Ruicheng Wang
c. previous Australian Junior Champion – Cameron McGowan
d. Australian Women’s Champion – Leah Rice
e. previous Australian Women’s Champion – Alex Jule
f. Winner of last Australian Major – Ross Lam and Kevin Sheldrick tied for 1st so not sure who qualifies.
g. Winner of 2023 State or Territory Championship
SA – Kyle Leaver
TAS – Carl Gorka
WA – TBD by playoff between Patrick Gong and Rui Gen Teh

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