500 more players at GPS Chess tonight in SE Qld.

Nudgee College defeated Gregory Tce. 2.5/1.5

BSH defeated TSS 3/1

Results will trickle in via crow or word of mouth over the next few days.

It would be good if GPS Chess could afford a Media/Publicity Officer. Times are tough.

I get a bit tired filling out FOI forms to access results.

Maybe it is easier to get a Court Order making publishing of results mandatory.


Really wish Australian adult chess admin. people would get along to GPS Chess.

There is nothing like Teams atmosphere. Hanging on every point. Spectators everywhere.

War cries after the match. Sometimes it is just crying after the match! Depends.

Compare the esprit de corps at GPS  to the soulless weekender with no spectators and bare school rooms.

Go GPS Teams. You are on a winner!


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