3 Australian Champions playing in RCC July Allegro! Corrected version.

The tournament was dominated by rising RCC star, Filip Simic.

Second night entries Jai Turner and David Beaumont gave him too big a lead by missing the first night.

Hopefully they will all meet in the slow, ACF and QJ rated, Norm Braybrooke Classic starting next Wednesday night.


The Peninsula Girls Championships were won by –

Elizabeth 4 points, Sophia 3 points, Iris 3 points and Varvara 2 points.

Having Australian Champion players such as Elizabeth Williams and James Xia is really paying off for the club.

We have now attracted our 3rd Aussie Champion, Iris Wang.

James – Australian U/8 Champion 2023

Elizabeth – Australian U12 Girls Blitz Champion 2023

Iris – Australian U/8 Girls Blitz and Problem Solving Champion 2023

Now all we have to do is maintain our top senior players and attract more strong outside players to club nights.

Hopefully we can spend a little less cash on the U/1600s and more on attracting the state’s top players.

QJ Rated. Sent off today.

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