Updated OzJuniorFIDE file. Go to front page and see where you rank in Oz. – All State Female Teams added.

Starting at A1 we have Australian Juniors in FIDE rating order. Or at least as many as I have been able to find. Thanks to those states who have sent me lists. If you are a Junior with a FIDE rating and should be on the list, email me and you shall appear.

BM1 is the same players listed in Year of birth order. Once again, email me if you should be on the list.

BL1 is the Qld. Female Team with other states added. Looks like Qld. NSW and Vic. would be ready to play a separate competition next year with enough girls in their teams.

This list is not complete, but with the help of the States, it soon will be.

Progress continues on the Australian National Junior League. We are perhaps looking at a trial run in 2024 with a Qld. v NSW Junior Match. The comp. will begin full time in 2025 with a major business partner.

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