RCC Inc. Teams Chess Nov. 1st Grace Lutheran, Rothwell – same format as Bullwinkle Match

The top 8 scores will count for your team. You can have 11 players and the top 8 will count.

If you only have 6 players, we will lend you some. As long as we get them back at the end of the night!

We are inviting Teams from Clubs, Schools, Universities and the general public.

Free entry – free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, biscuits and poppers.


NEW TEAM ADDED – 14/05/23 – “Team Maximus”. We have too many players for just 2 teams.

This is the debut of “The President’s 11” Team and “The Treasury” Team.

Captained by the Club President, Mark Stokes and Treasurer Tony Weller.

As new players attend the club they will be invited to join one of these teams.

At the moment we have 4 Teams events on our calendar for 2024.

Sign on night is Wed. January 24th 2024. Juniors who have attended the club regularly will receive a sign on gift. New Junior players will have to attend 5 nights in early 2024 to qualify for the sign on gift.

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