2023 State of Origin Teams announced – Qld. v NSW.

Have we got time for a yearly online match up with our best Juniors versus NSW? No.

Have we got time for yet another monster swiss weekender for the old-timers? You betcha!

Have chess parents ever wondered why there are no State rep. sides in Australian Chess?

Should we invest in the future, or keep supporting the past?

Remember all the Chess Businesses in Australia thrive on Junior Chess alone.

No one makes a nickel out of Adult chess in Australia. All the profits come from Junior Chess.

And yet any time for one match a year online – all over in a couple of hours from a uni. computer lab at each end?

Nah. Too busy working out rating prizes for the guys who almost got a draw with Steinitz.

I don’t have any kids so it doesn’t worry me. hmmm.

For Girls Teams, scroll to the right.

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