Competing Business Plans for Adult Chess events.

Business Plan A


Mums and Dads and kids watching and playing.

Air-conditioned venue meters from the shopping center.

One day event QJ Rated.


Medals as prizes.

Buderim had over 80 players competing today.


Business Plan B

No spectators!

If you try and look through the blinds they are closed!

School room over 2 or 3 days.

Mostly Juniors playing. Adults are all playing online.

$60, $80 $100 $120 entry fee. Fortunately everybody is rich.

$1000 first with about the same in rating prizes

60 players or less sometimes.


Which is the preferred Business Plan for Australian Adult Chess?

You guessed it – Business Plan B wins


How else are we going to keep adult chess as the smallest sport in Australia?

How about less rating prizes and instead, more players?

If you want extra cash do some fruit picking – or improve your chess.

Sounds like a plan to me. – Kerry Corker



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