Changes to our focus in Queensland FIDE Rated Players – See front page “Ratings-FIDE”

Changes to the RCC Inc. unofficial Qld. FIDE Ratings List.

State of the State –

GM x 2

IM x 4

WIM x 2

FM x 10

WFM x 1

CM x 12


Top 30 processed so far for April 2023. Updates to follow.

In the last 3 months of 2023 there have been four rating changes to the Top 20 FIDE Rated players in Qld. Two were by IM Solomon.

If you translated this to cricket you would have 17 of your Top 20 World players idle for the last 3 months.

No, they don’t all drive cabs, although one of them used to be a bus conductor! You have to be old to get this joke. Ask Merv Hughes.

The only movement I can find is in the Top 30 or so Qld. Junior FIDE Rated players.

So that I don’t fall asleep completely following Qld. Chess, we will now be featuring the Juniors as the main point of interest.

The seniors appear to have transitioned to social chess (ACF rated).

That is their choice, but is of zero interest to the World of Rated Chess.

Congratulations to newly minted Qld. number 9, FM Andrew Allen.

Andrew made the best move of his life when he moved to selling Real Estate.

And that is how you make money out of chess! By making the right move!

Should we ask his firm to sponsor a chess tournament?

Whoops, almost forgot, we don’t allow spectators. Not many new clients there.

And this is where the Adult Australian Chess Mind kicks in –

how many other sports would lock spectators out? Shrewd!

Forget “Show me the money” – how about “Show me the door!”. Not quite as catchy.



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