Australian female chess team (no name) already earns the same as male counterparts!

Every serious parent or guardian would love their child to be in a team playing Chess for Australia.

Our National Teams already have an equal share of the spoils from the World’s biggest chess event, The Olympiad.

They both get paid zilch.

No names.

No warm up games. Just get off the camel, go to your yurt, have a shower and start playing.

No Open Team National Trainer.

No Female Team National Trainer.

No Open Team National Coach.

No Female Team National Coach.

No Junior Teams at all. We cannot even have a discussion about transgender players wanting to play in any teams because we only meet once every two years a couple of days before the start of the Olympiad.

How about some parents get together nation-wide and form some National Junior teams with goals such as

1.Playing “Friendlies” against other nations such as New Zealand, India or China.

2.A list of Top 100 FIDE Rated Juniors in Australia. Queensland already has their list completed.

3.Securing a World Class National Trainer for our Team from overseas using zoom as the medium.

4.Choosing names for our National Junior Teams. I know the National Senior Teams are not allowed to have name because they have been naughty. But that doesn’t stop an independent body from giving the Junior teams names. Every successful sport has names for their teams.

There are two other courses of action:

a.Wait for me to win lotto, and I will fund it all myself.

b.Wait for the national body to do the above mentioned four points.

BTW – When you read the amounts being paid to Team members below remember that Chess has more organized games and players than soccer. Way way more!

And of course then there is ESports which makes all other world sports seem rural.


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The Women’s World Cup is set for Australia and New Zealand from July 20-August 20.

“We can confirm a letter signed by 150 players from national teams on every continent was sent to FIFA in October,” FIFPro said in a statement.

“These players are seeking equitable conditions before the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. FIFPRO is currently negotiating with FIFA on behalf of these players.”

The Wall Street Journal was first to report the existence of the letter.

FIFPro did not share a copy of the letter and said it could not comment further, as negotiations are ongoing. The names of the players who signed the letter also were not made available.

FIFA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

Sam Kerr will be a star for Australia at the upcoming Women’s World Cup.
Sam Kerr will be a star for Australia at the upcoming Women’s World Cup. Credit: Getty

The move comes as there are increasing calls for FIFA to make the prize money for the two tournaments more equitable.

Argentina earned $US42 million ($A64 million) for winning the men’s World Cup in Qatar, out of a prize pool of $US440 million ($A666 million). In contrast, the US women’s national team won $US4 million ($A6.1 million) out of a prize pool of $US30 million ($A45 million) for the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France. The prize pool for the women’s tournament this summer has not been set.

Under their historic collective bargaining agreements reached last year, the US men’s and women’s national teams will equally share the prize money won at the World Cup after US Soccer takes a percentage off the top.

US Soccer is currently the only federation that evenly distributes World Cup prize money. The Canadian women’s national team has called for a similar provision in ongoing negotiations for a new labour agreement with Canada Soccer.

The Women’s World Cup has an expanded field of 32 teams, up from 24 in France. The 2019 tournament drew a global broadcast audience of more than 1 billion viewers.

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