Who is playing in our Team’s event? April 26th.

no particular order ……………

Elizabeth Williams – current Australian U/12 Girl’s Blitz Champion

James Xia – current Australian U/8 Champion

Jayden Ooi – Current Number 2 Junior in Qld. which means he’s one of the best Juniors in Oz.

Benjamin Leong – Current Number 3 Junior in Qld. which means he’s one of the best Juniors in Oz.

Lachlan Wang – Current Number 11 Junior in Qld.

Joel Leong – Current Number 14 Junior in Qld.

Regina Edwards – =2nd Qld Women’s Champion 2021

Tom Maguire – Qld. Junior Champion and Tin Cup winner.

Jacob Edwards – Young Masters winner – 2nd Qld Juniors

George Lester – 2 times Qld. Open Champion

CM Tyson Walker – former Brisbane Club Champion

Allan Fossey – current = Qld Senior Champion

Mark C Stokes – former winner of Doeberl Cup (I forget which section!)

Kerry Corker – former Australian U/1800 Lightning Champion

Let me know if I have left anyone or their achievements out.


And the bottom line is all these people have been attracted not by money –

because we all have day jobs, except the Juniors, but by the format.

If you put on a good show, something that people WANT to play in, then they will come.

Apparently there are 2 TEAMS playing in Brisbane this weekend. Something to do with Rugby League.

Lang Park is sold out!

Imagine that for Chess – Spectators and Teams – or stick to the same old same old.


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