Top Junior FIDE Rated list for Toowoomba or Gold Coast

Welcome on board to Avaneesh Pai FIDE 1424.

Avaneesh is the number 29 FIDE Rated Junior in Qld. and comes in at 282 overall in the state.

I only know of 2 FIDE Rated Juniors in Toowoomba –

Shafiuddin AANAN 1748

Avaneesh PAI 1424.

I am quite happy to put together a list of all Toowoomba Junior FIDE players.

I just need a starting list from Toowoomba. The FIDE site only tells me country.

Also Gold Coast could put together a list of their top FIDE rated Juniors.

Once again a starting list is all I need.


Worldwide successful sporting bodies like TEAMS and STATISTICS. Not to mention betting agencies.

Baseball is the most famous because their rules are the least changed.  Of course steroids and corked bats have skewed their stats. Also the fact that Babe Ruth never faced a non-white pitcher also has to be considered.

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