Team Bullwinkle is moosing up the top end of their All Star lineup.

Redcliffe CC may have drifted a bit in the betting with the latest additions to Team Bullwinkle.

Fortunately we never let our cards influence our betting so Team Tyson should still win by 3 points.

As Tyson has been traded to the almost mythical Ipswich Chess Club, we will be trying to win one last match for our only titled player.

Looking good!


Team Bullwinkle Possibly a 4th Team
all Reserves will play
1.Bruce Williams 2134 – possible Al Zaher, Sibar
2.Jacob Edwards 2055 – possible Basiaco, Chris
3.Jayden Ooi 1913 de Villiers, Jacques
4.Ben McPhee 1870 Hoffman, Kurt
5.Michael D’Arcy 1852 Kershaw, Max
6.Stuart Holt 1788 Levy, Braeden
7.Jason Chan (2004) 1544 Levy, Simon
8.Regina Edwards 1441 Mellor, Jordan
9 Pu, Dylan
10 Reid, Daniel
Roche-Maxwell, Iago
Team Tyson Windsor, Maximilian
Woodrow, Daniel
1.Tom Maguire 2135 Xia, James
2.George Lester 1995
3.Brian Thomas 1860
4.CM Tyson Walker 1856 (Captain)
5.Hamish Selnes 1842
6.Tony Weller 1690
7.Max Phillips 1664
8.Allan Fossey 1603
9.Filip Simic 1572
10.Jai Turner 1560
Team Stokes
1.Kerry Corker 2040
2.Benjamin Leong 1888
3.Martin Post 1767
4.Lachlan Wang 1704
5.Joel Leong 1623
6.Victor Davidovici 1575
7.Mark C Stokes (Captain) 1528
8.Elizabeth Williams 1272
9.Tony Waraich
10.Nikola Maljkovic

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