RCC Inc. versus Team Bullwinkle, April 26th. Tickets available at all usual outlets!

It is with heavy heart that I announce we will be losing our only titled player, CM Tyson Walker after this event. Work commitments will see him based on the other side of Brisbane.

On a brighter note we are determined to see Tyson and his team go out on a winning note.

Team Tyson is confirmed. Team Stokes will demonstrate the incredible depth of our team roster!

All Reserves will play!

Team Stokes will feature the best 8-10 scores for each round – thus allowing everyone to participate.

Good coffee, cake and bikkies will be supplied by the club.

President Mark Stokes will personally bake the cakes so that nothing is left to chance!


We hope this will add a renewed dimension to Qld. chess.

For a long time now our mainstay has been the weekender.

Hopefully this team’s event will stir a bit of interest in representing your club.

Of course the old days of travelling across Brisbane at night 7 or 8 times in a round robin are long gone.

However a home and away match against Bullwinkle each year with a Road Trip to Toowoomba for both, and a match in the beautiful Queen’s Park could be a possibility for 2024. One of the prettiest parks in Australia it has coffee shops and art galleries directly across the road.

Team Tyson
1.Tom Maguire 2135
2.George Lester 1995
3.Brian Thomas 1860
4.CM Tyson Walker 1856 (Captain)
5.Hamish Selnes 1842
6.Tony Weller 1690
7.Max Phillips 1664
8.Allan Fossey 1603
9.Filip Simic 1572
10.Jai Turner 1560
Team Stokes
1.Kerry Corker 2040
2.Martin Post 1767
3.Victor Davidovici 1575
4.Mark C Stokes (Captain) 1528
5.Elizabeth Williams 1272
4.Tony Waraich
5.Nikola Maljkovic
6.Max Kershaw
7.Chris Basiaco
8.Simon Levy
9.Dylan Pu 761
10.Braeden Levy
Jacques De Villiers
Jordan Mellor
Sibar Al Zaher
Maximilian Windsor
Iago Roche-Maxwell
Stuart Holt
Kurt Hoffman
Daniel Reid
Daniel Woodrow

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