George Lester FIDE 1995 to play for RCC Inc “Team Tyson” on April 26th. Twice Qld. Open Champion.

Two times Qld Open Champion George Lester, 2008 and 2011, will bring a touch of class to this event.

Horses have been traded and we have snared George Lester FIDE 1995.

Hopefully we will see a lot more of George in the future.

If we can solve the FIDE Rating timing problem, hopefully we can get George to play in our revamped RCC Championships 2023.

One of the long term goals of this signing is to get George over 2000 FIDE. It is one of the tasks before us to give our players every possible chance to maximise their FIDE rating whilst at the club.

Still to hear back from IM Gary Lane or Tom Maguire. Keep watching this space!

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