A March Open wrap up by RCC Inc. President, Mark C Stokes.

Congratulations to IM Brodie McClymont, the ‘White Caviar’ of Queensland Weekenders, for winning yet another one, the March Open, with a picket fence score of 6 out of 6! His R4 game against Kiamehr Baneshi, his R5 game against Austin Chen and his R6 game over Jack Rodgers are all full of interest and worth playing over – See the link above! Ryan Liaw had a great result, scoring 5 out of 6, to take out 2nd place, losing only to Brodie. Young Jethro Chen made it all the way to Board 3 for R6 and is a player to watch. Both David Esmonde and Max Kershaw worked together very well once again as Chief Arbiter and Deputy Arbiter and any problems were quickly solved by them. David also set up the telecast of the six top boards. A big thank you to Gail Young from the QWCL for once again organizing this FIDE, ACF and QJ rated event! Her next event, the FIDE rated Gold Cup, is on at the Hinterland Hotel at Nerang from Friday night April 28 to Monday May 1, the Labour Day long weekend in Qld. You can save $30 off the entry fee by entering by April 1! You can view the entry form for this event on the CAQ Website under Coming Events: www.caq.org.au Well done to all the rating group prize winners too – it is unusual to see that 4/6 was good enough to share the win in the top rating group whereas 4.5/6 was needed to share 1st place in the second rating group! All prize winners are reminded to email Gail Young your Bank Account details. Email Gail at qwclqwcl@gmail.com

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