Changes to RCC Inc. and unofficial CAQ Inc. Calendar


The Qld. Women’s Championship was wrongly advertised as July and a date has not yet been set.

The CAQ Inc. guidelines at the moment state that the event must be something like 7 rounds over 2 days.

Nobody was interested in playing over 2 days in Covid free 2022. Nobody.


How about a one day event with gold coin entry fee going to a deserving charity?

How about trophies only?

How about many more people being able to afford to play?

How about we email all the previous winners and beg them to play to help us rebuild the number of women playing chess in Qld?

How about a photo opportunity to get as many former Champions together, and them surround them with the upcoming munchkins of tomorrow?

How about we realise we will not attract them with prizemoney? A lot of these female Champions are earning in business 100 times what Australia’s only professional chess player is earning per annum.

How about we realise we WILL attract them with a good venue, a good cause and a minimal disruption to their very busy lives. Outside of the Australian adult chess world – TIME IS MONEY.

How about playing one day at an air-conditioned shopping centre with trophies at the end.

How about:

1.Play in the morning

2.Lunch at a pre booked cafe/restaurant with photo opps.

3.Play last couple of rounds in the early afternoon

4.Trophies and more photos

5.Home in time for the news.

How about we get heaps of parents watching the games whilst reading the paper and sipping good quality coffee plus some Mississippi Mud Cake?


Note that the RCC Inc. Team’s Challenge in April will include 3 RCC teams headed by:

CM Tyson Walker

Brian Thomas

Jai Turner


One All Star team from Brisbane featuring headliners such as George Lester, Hamish Selnes, Mitchell Rologas, Mark Craven and David Mills.

And a Bullwinkle Team if they can muster enough strong players to compete on this level.

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