Time to do battle with the Bullwinkle! Arena style.

Hi All

Jacob Edwards has invited all Redcliffe Chess Club players to play in an online match this Saturday night Dec 17 between 8pm and 10pm on LiChess.

If you have already played for Redcliffe Chess Club in a LiChess Match before, just hit the link in Jacob’s email below and hit the Green Button to join the Redcliffe Team. You should be added to the Redcliffe Team soon after.

If you have NOT played for Redcliffe in an online match on LiChess before, you must email our Redcliffe Chess Club Online administrator Tom Maguire well before Saturday and ask Tom to join you up for Redcliffe. You should also email him your LiChess handle. If you are not yet a LiChess Member, join it for free!

Tom Maguire’s email is: tommaguire65@gmail.com

If you decide to play on Saturday night for Redcliffe, be ready to play by 7:45pm. The match should start right on 8pm.

Cheers Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136 markcstokes@hotmail.com
From: Jacob Edwards
Sent: Monday, 5 December 2022 9:53 PM
To: mark stokes
Subject: Re: Bullwinkle’s Christmas Arena Battle

Hi, Mark.

There’s actually nothing I can do put individual players into the event. I’ve entered Redcliffe as a club. To participate in the Arena Battle, players will need to:

A) Make sure they’ve joined the Redcliffe club on lichess (there’s a big green ‘join team’ button; Tom may or may not have to verify them, depending on how he’s set it up):


B) Sign into the arena battle any time before it starts (so long as players belong to one of the invited clubs, it really is just a matter of clicking another green ‘join’ button):


C) Be logged in come 8pm on Saturday 17th (people generally log in 10-15 minutes beforehand). Pairings will take place automatically, and as soon as any game finishes, players will be re-paired. (There’s an opt-out period of grace if anyone needs to take a break.) Participants can play as many or as few games as they wish across the 2-hour period.

The top 7 scores count for each club, but there’s no upper or lower limit on how many players can take part. The more, the merrier!



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