The new broom gathers no moss on a slippery slope! —Next stop – The World!

The Under 30s and Juniors are really starting to dominate Qld. Chess.

1.Engaging world class online trainers.
2.Playing heaps of players from all around the world online.
3.Playing less in (FIDE point)less weekenders.
3.Not listening to the Thelma and Louise type thinking pervading Australian Chess at the moment.
4.I am guessing that they are not satisfied with Australia’s mid-20s Olympiad Results.
Contentment with things achieved is the first sign of decay.
5.Time for a change and no better time than now.

GO FOR IT!!! And take me with you – please!

6/50 female players. 12% which is about average for Qld. Should be 51% of course.
Elizabeth Williams placed =16th and was the best scoring female in the Qld. Blitz Champs.

Jai Turner was the best scoring Excessive Epicness/RCC player with 6.5/11 and =11th.

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