RCC Calendar for 2023 – Do we need to get a move on?

Below is the attendance record since mid year 2022 for RCC.

The biggest night was the Blitz Champs. with over 30 players. Next was the Allegro Champs.

I have included the Suncoast Calendar for 2023.

Some things are noticeable:

  1. They get a lot more players per night than we do – between 20 and 30 per night.
  2. They have 10% of the catchment area of RCC. Ours is W’Gabba to The Gap up to Suncoast.
  3. They have a lot more one/two night events.
  4. We have a lot of people who attend for 1 or 2 nights and then fail to return.
  5. Each state has about 30 to 40 male adults who like slow chess or weekend chess. The rest of the numbers are filled by Juniors who drop out after Year 11.
  6. You can play 20 different people from 20 different countries in one night on the Net. Or you can go to the club and play one person all night. We do have a lot of competition.



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