CAQ Inc. and the road to privatization.

How to put the CAQ Inc. on the road to privatization

– and bring it into line with Major Australian Sports.


President – $1 per member + % of advertising.

Vice President – $1 per member

Treasurer – $1 per member

Secretary – $1 per member + % of advertising.

Membership Secretary – $1 per member

Ratings Officer – $1 per member

Tournament Officer – $1 per member

Regional Liaison Officer – $1 per member

Junior Chess Coordinator – $2 per member

Development Officer – $1 per member

Publicity Officer – $1 per member + % of advertising.

Interschool Chess Coordinator CAQ – already privatized.

GP Coordinator CAQ – Do we still have a GP?

Archivist – $1 per member.


Total cost to have a paid admin. for Chess in Qld. in 2023?

$13 per member per annum.



Arguments against:


Q1.A lot of those people don’t want to be paid.


In the long run, we are after professionals – and they need to be compensated for their particular skill set.

You can demand results from professionals.


Q2.We have always been an amateur association.


That’s the problem. We need professionals to deal with today’s billion-dollar sports business environment – of which we are a part.


Q3. You cannot do anything with payment of $1 per member.


You can do two things.

  1. Sign up as many people as possible using a business model that is applicable to today’s sports business environment.

Less school rooms – more shopping centres.

Less 2/3 day marathons and more time controls that suit younger people.

  1. Bring in so many new members that you have a good argument for $2 per member.  Repeat same for $3 per member etc.

$1 is the only the starting point. In ten years time?


Q4.Why should amateurs be paid?


We have only one professional chess player in Australia – GM Temur Kuybokarov 2558.

That doesn’t stop us paying out thousands of dollars each year to amateur players.

Why not administrators?

Why does one group have less value to the Chess Community than the other?

Can organized chess exist without administrators? No.

There is no prizemoney without organizers.

Can Chess events in Australia exist without prizemoney?


Qld. Teams Championships 2022 over 130 players – no prizemoney.

Australian Schools Teams Championships since 1998 – literally thousands of players – no prizemoney.

First you build and pay the administrators –

Prizemoney for the PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS will be a dividend of their labors.

Will this make one shred of difference to the professional/amateur status of Qld. Chess Administration?


Of course not!

The Business World of Soccer, Gridiron, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Basketball etc. will very soon change their business plans over to that of Australian Chess. We are showing the world how it should be done!!

I just like to get these things on record for the historians.

All the above is the opinion of Kerry Corker.  8/12/22



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