CAQ Inc. AGM + Qld. Blitz Championships this Sunday.

Your chance to get Qld. leading Australia on our way to the 20th century!

Suggest a 5 year transition from Monster Swiss to FIDE Rated/Doeberl Cup type/Round Robin/Teams state format.

While the rest of the world is participating in a Chess economy worth hundreds of millions every year, we are stuck trying to work out who gets the $37.50 rating prize.

Australia has one professional chess player. How is our current format working for you so far?

Let’s start taking on the world.

If Argentina can only beat us 2-1 at football, I think our Chess Talent can easily get into the Olympiad Top Five.

We definitely have the talent. We definitely have the money. All we need is the will.

  1. Stop following Thelma and Louise
  2. Turn around
  3. Engage the world
  4. Win
  5. Repeat

The December ACF Ratings are up on Chesschat.

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