Bullwinkle CC and RCC to do battle via LiChess Arena Sat. Dec. 17.

Hi All
Bullwinkle Chess Club has invited all Redcliffe Chess Club Members to join in their Online LiChess Arena Battle on Saturday December 17 from 8pm to 10pm.  Game time controls are 7 + 5.
If you have played online Chess for Redcliffe Chess Club on LiChess before, you are already a member of the Redcliffe Chess Club Team and just need to join in as part of the Redcliffe Team about 7:45pm on the link below provided by Jacob.
If you have NOT played for Redcliffe ONLINE on LiChess before, you first need to email the Redcliffe Chess Club LiChess Online Administrator Tom Maguire and ask him to let you join the Redcliffe Chess Club Online Team – You should also let him know your Handle!
Tom’s email is:   tommaguire65@gmail.com    Please email Tom well before the event and ask to join the Redcliffe Online Club.
The Online LiChess Arena Match Battle is on Saturday December 17 from 8PM to 10PM. You can play for the whole two hours or take a break whenever you feel like it or even leave early if you want. You should join in about 7:45pm on the Saturday night, 15 minutes before the match starts.
Cheers   Mark C Stokes    0431 419 136

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