Bullwinkle alert! See instructions below.

Hi All

Tom Maguire will probably have to add you to the Redcliffe Team so you play in the Bullwinkle Online LiChess Match this Saturday night, December 17, between 8pm and 10pm – Do not rely on the fact you have played for Redcliffe in an online match before. I have played before, but still need Tom Maguire to add me to this Redcliffe Team for the match on Saturday night.

So if you want to play on Saturday night for Redcliffe, email Tom your real name and LiChess Handle and he will add you to the team! Thanks Tom!

Tom Maguire’s email is: tommaguire65@gmail.com Do this request SOON! Do not leave it to Saturday!

Cheers again Mark C Stokes 0431 419 136

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