134 players in Qld. Teams Championships! Teams from Suncoast and Mackay.

Known “knowns” so far!

  • RCC’s Jai Turner scored 7/7 on board 6.
  • Teams from Mackay and Suncoast combined.
  • Event run well with no complaints – tho’ a few empty bellies were heard rumbling!.
  • 134 players.


Imagine if Mackay and Suncoast had “purchased” hired guns in a talent auction days before the event.

This is basically how IPL works and how Teams Chess works overseas.

The old timer GMs and IMs pick up a bit of sunset money on the way down the FIDE list.

Imagine if players had been playing for their clubs.


How does Teams chess stack up against weekenders –

Last weekend 30 players competed in a weekender. This weekend 134 in a teams event.

  • Overseas Teams Chess is the glue that keeps clubs together.
  • In Australia Weekenders is the factor that keeps clubs small.


Solution!!! – Go with what you know – More weekenders!!! – Kerry Corker



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