Qld. Girls Championships 2022 – final placings.

The U12 title should be for Xintong Zhang who won 4 / 6..
Isabella won 3.5 / 6. – Gail Young.


No Women’s Champion because only one entry. Perhaps it will be played later this year.

We really need to start investing in Female Chess in Qld., while we still have one adult willing to play!

We have heaps of money – only problem is we give it all away in prizes?? What other sport does that?

All the successful sports – no cash prizes. Maybe a meal or a set of towels or a bottle of wine.

And yet in the tiniest sport in Australia – with only one professional player, GM Kubarokov, we throw away cash like drunken sailors.

Australian chess players are amateurs. What’s with the cash giveaways???

How about we start investing in the 15 players who are in Bali representing their country with 19 other nations in the FIDE RATED Asian Juniors! Who is their Team Manager? Who is their Trainer?

No one gives cash to amateurs – except chess. – Kerry Corker

  • This diatribe is aimed at the mindset of all amateur Australian chess players who want to be paid for participating in events organized for them. It is not aimed at this event. – Kerry Corker



Surname Name DOB Age Final Score Place Prize Age Titile
Williams Elizabeth 120121 U10 4.5 1 250 U10
Qiang Elaina 110103 U12 4.5 1 250 U14
Zhang Xintong 130406 U10 4 3 50
Jigando Mia 070913 U16 4 3 50 U16
Aryan Yasmin 040518 4 3 50
Guan Isabella 110119 U12 3.5 U12
Jule Elena 040616 3.5
Dudipalli Hamsini 140628 U8 3 U8
Tan Abby 120725 U10 3
Xu Yuehan 070404 U16 3
Wang Chloe 140530 U8 2.5
Xu Sophia 120813 U10 2.5
Wang Charlotte 170405 U8 2 Book
Krovvidi Sanvi 150514 U8 2
Laxman Nikita 101011 U12 2
Subrayan Nithila 130718 U10 0

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