FIDE Rating points up for grabs!! RCC players should feast on GC FIDE points in this event!

RCC Juniors – Fill up your boots with these juicy FIDE Rating points courtesy of the GC Chess Club.

World Class Chess being played under World Class Chess conditions.

Bring your endgames skills –


This is real chess using the same ratings system as Carlsen, Giri, Pragg etc.

I’d play myself except you would all pick my bones clean and I’d be left unrated!!

Let the games commence. – Kerry Corker


Entries so far. Starts this Friday Oct 21st
Register Online at:…cup-fide-rated

No  Name             Loc  Title

1.  Tang, Terrence   1544      
2.  Kitikov, Oleg    1533      
3.  Renkin, Jeremy   1514      
4.  Vagg, Adam       1382      
5.  Smith, Tristan K 1294      
6.  Lucas, Peter     1261      
7.  Breeden, Marek   1207      
8.  Smith, Mathew    1002      
9.  Tong, Justin     995       
10. Segalla, Peter   859       
11. Curtis, Cameron  750       
12. Qu, Harrison     691       
13. Magden, Deniz              
14. Menzies, Jonah

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