Matildas miss out on Bronze at Tokyo Olympics. Already playing Friendlies for the next Olympics.

Squad One – Commonwealth Bank Matildas – 52 weeks of the year

Squad Two – Commonwealth Bank Junior Matildas – 52 weeks of the year

Squad Three – Commonwealth Bank Young Matildas – 52 weeks of the year

Heartbreak for Australia as Matildas’ medal dreams dashed in SEVEN-goal thriller.

Maybe they should follow Australia’s lead and only play as a team once every 4 years??

Seriously, how hard is it to organize an Australian Chess Olympiad Teams Friendly with England?

  1. Three Squads – Open, Female, Youth – 10 players per squad.
  2. Play on Lichess against your designated opponent at a time agreed by both parties.
  3. Use FIDE Rated time control. Of course the games will not be rated but that is not their point.
  4. Cheating? Who is going to cheat in a Friendly whilst playing for their country? Easy to spot as well.
  5. Cost? Beer money at best.
  6. Stakes? How much? Now we’re talking!!!
  7. Reason? We have the Socceroos and the Matildas. Everything flows from there. From the first day they walk into the club to the day they hear our National anthem. Built from the top down.

Queensland was playing Friendlies against Florida USA during the 90s.

The twentieth century is calling. Where are we?

Sure, it looks cool to only play as a team once every two years with no warm up.

Sure, it looks cool to rock up at the venue and ask “Who are we playing and can I borrow a pen?”

What looks even cooler?

Using the massive Senior and Junior talent pool we have available to us to go for a Top 5 finish.

Not to mention the massive financial backing this talent pool has at its disposal.

Trust me, this group of parents won’t be burning money on rating prizes.

Let’s invest in Australian Youth instead.




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