How do Qld. Juniors play more FIDE RATED games in 2023?

FIDE Rated events for 2023. See Excel file below.

Please let me know if there are more in our vicinity.

7 possible events. Roughly 60 FIDE RATED games in the year

One event every 7 weeks on average through the year.

4 of the 7 events are in Qld.

Travel costs include trips to:


1.Canberra (Doeberl Cup)

2.Australian Adult or Junior Championships.

Bad idea to try and play one after the other.

You will drop more points in the 2nd event than you pick up in the 1st.


3.World Youth or Cadet Championships.


Make use of non-FIDE Rated weekenders to try out openings and preparation in general.

Weekenders are mainly about middle games with so many mismatches in the first 4 or 5 rounds.

FIDE RATED events are more about endgames with games more evenly matched.


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