Bundaberg Open this weekend – players list so far.

Here is a list of the current entrants in alphabetical order:
Beames, Myles; Bender, Peter; Casey, Kevin; Curtain, Joseph; Dudapalli, Hamsini; Hamawand, Allan
Healey, Liam; Horsfield, Lachlan; Howard, Joshua; Huber, Zaschella; Jain, Shayura; Macaan, Callum
MacLeod, Keith; McClymont, Brodie IM; McCorkell, Joshua; Mouzovatkine, Roman; Mulholland, Phil
Newbold, Riley; Ottschoffski, Eddie; Qiang, Elaina; Qiang, Ethan. Solomon, Anthony; Stokes, Mark;
Thing, Bibek FM; Vizgoft, Jason; Weller, Tony and Willemse, Louis
I will republish when the draw is seeded.

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