Australian FIDE RATED Calendar 2023 for Qld. Juniors. FIDE RATED

You can currently play about 60 FIDE Rated games per year in Australia or at World Youth Champs.

Use weekenders for trying out openings etc. and save the good stuff for World rated FIDE events.

REMEMBER – Weekenders = Middle-Game / FIDE RATED = End-Game

Weekender games are usually mismatched so the endgames are usually lopsided with someone already being a pawn or two ahead. Hence no traditional endgame technique needed.

FIDE Rated Round Robins in particular usually have a field of players within a rating bandwidth.

Games quite often are evenly matched going into the endgame – and that is where the game starts.

FOR US TO BECOME A CHESS SUPERPOWER – we need to actually play out even endgames.


If you are looking to become a good player start planning your chess year around these events.


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