Proposed RCC Team Rosters for Qld. Teams Champs. 26th Nov. and match against Fiji on Dec. 21st.

The Open RCC Team is a work in progress (see list).

We need to know of your availability for the Qld. Teams Championships Nov. 26th and the end of year Match against Fiji. Next year we hope to have up and running an OTB LAN between Tewantin, Suncoast and RCC running on a Home and Away basis.


We intend to keep our top players. We will be paying the entry fees of RCC run weekend events for Open Team Board One, and the RCC Junior Team Board One for the year.

Whilst this amount is not a fortune, it is hoped it will help grow the idea of retaining top players for the year/season.

RCC has selected a Junior Teams Roster for the forthcoming 26th November Qld. Teams Championships and December match against Fiji. (see list)

Selections were made heavily biased toward attendance at club events. It is understood of course that several of our players travel from all over Brisbane.

Board Order is at the moment based on FIDE Ratings with QJ being the secondary list. We hope in future to run more FIDE rated events to allow our Juniors to either get a FIDE rating or to improve same.


The name of our Main Junior Team is “RCC Juniors”.

The name of our Feeder Team is, “The RCC Highlanders”.

  • To stay in the “RCC Juniors”, players have to keep at least a 50% attendance level at Club night and weekend events, and also maintain their current strength within the Team.
  • For players to transition from RCC Highlanders to RCC Juniors, they will have to demonstrate, with results, that they should be Promoted. This also means someone will be relegated!

A perfect way to state your case for Promotion is the forthcoming RCC Allegro Championships, 19th and 26th of Oct. played over two Wednesday nights at RCC.


All of a sudden, Board Two is looking a bit too ambitious!

“He/she/they, doth have a lean and hungry look about them!”

Playing Board One for your local chess team will also look good on your resume!

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