320 chess players at BBC in Brisbane at the same time?!! It HAS to be TEAMS CHESS – GPS style

Whatever the question is in Australian OTB chess – the answer always comes back to –

TEAMS CHESS – Let’s get some community back into Australian Chess.

It’s never too late!

320 chess players at BBC – Well done!

Round 9 – Match of the Week [BBC v BGS]

In what is shaping up to be a great final round with 320 players competing in 80 teams from 8 GPS schools all coming together to play at BBC’s college hall for the first Spirit of GPS round since 2019.

BSHS and ACGS will be contesting and decide which school wins the Junior and Senior teams premierships for 2022.

The final match of the week for the last round would have to be between the hosts, BBC and BGS who are competing together to see who will be crowned runner’s up to ACGS in the 2022 GPS Premiership. Their line-up based off previous rounds are as follows:

Board BBC v BGS
1 Jasper Moss v Sze Yong Ng
2 Austin Chen v Oscar Tan
3 Daniel Ma v Nadula Tennakoon
4 Leo Guo v Nicolas Carter

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