How does a FIDE unrated 5 year-old get into one of the Australian Olympiad Chess Teams?

Open Olympiad Team – 10 player roster*
Female Olympiad Team – 10 player roster*
Junior Olympiad Team – Reserves filled by Training Squad.*
* Selection process has been redacted.
** Whole concept copied (borrowed) from Hockey Australia – 100,000+ members.
1. Day one at the new club
2. Play for your school
3. Play in local events – and this is where Monster Swiss weekenders actually are useful!
4. Play in State/National Junior championships
5. Play in local/interstate/overseas FIDE Rated events
6. Don’t take the knight’s pawn with your Queen
7. Olympiad Team
Question. How to pay for Olympiad Team overseas travel and Training to get over 2700?
Answer. $1 tithing on every tournament entry in Australian Chess.
That should get the pitchforks and torches out!
Kerry Corker

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